Community Ministries @ FBCBeaverton
Adding a little flavor and shining a little brigtness to the community


I wanted to let you know one of the most fun surprises we did for the families in the community.  Many of them had never been able to have a family portrait done.  One of our former students who is working on building her portfolio and starting a photography business, Kailina Don, took portraits of the families for free this last October.  We rented the lights and background and cleared out my bedroom and set it all up.  My bedroom became a make shift photo studio.  It was awesome.

We had over 10 families take us up on it, we would have had more but they just couldn’t believe we were not going to charge them for the portraits.  I got them developed for a great price at Costco and got some frames and delivered them.  I wish you could have seen their faces when they got the portraits.  It was wonderful and they loved them!

After many of the others realized we were not tricking anyone into buying a bunch of photos, we gained a lot of trust.  Thank you Kailina, David, Ashley and Lindsey for all the work you did on this project.  Thanks for caring enough to bring smiles to the community.


I am pretty excited about this Saturday – Dec 19.  We are meeting at the church at 5pm and having pizza, going over a few songs and then hopefully we will have two teams of carolers.  One team will go around to different places of friends and one team will come over to the horseshoe where I live.  Santa is going to come with us and we are going to suprize my neighbors with a dose of holiday cheer.  We are bringing hot chocolate, singers, cookies, and Santa with stockings of goodies.  If you want to join us, comment below or just show up at the church in the foyer.  We will meet back up again after the singing happens and snack on the cookies and cider.


We are going to rake leaves around the neighborhood as a service project to be good neighbors to our community.  We will also hand out invitations to the Christmas Dessert Theater.  All ages are welcome to be apart.  We will meet at the church on Saturday 8:45am and get our assignments and go out at 9am.  We will rake leaves until 12:30pm so people can still get to Josh and Lindsey’s baby shower.

Everyone bring your rakes!


This summer with Kidventure we had a huge response from families in the Center Street area.  This is mostly a low income area.  Many of the families are struggling throughout the month.  Because of the huge response, we began thinking about how we were going to be able to continue working with them when the weather changes.  We had been taking them to the park, so we needed a plan.  So, I moved in to an apartment there and I am loving it.

We received 10 computers from FreeGeek.  They are awesome at that place.  We are working on getting a grant from Tech Soup for program – Office and Windows.  We will use these computers to help the adults in the area become more employable and the kids with their homework.

We have been tutoring kids Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school.  We also have just spent some time with the families and kids.  The apartment is becoming a type of community center, which was the hope.

We are starting ESL classes for the adults this next week.  The first one will be on Tuesdays at 5pm, but we are hoping to start three groups with the other two being during the afternoon instead of the evening.

We will continue doing Kids’ Clubs, but they will be divided up into three age groups because of limited space.  I got some great volunteers lined up, but if you are interested in helping in this area, you are very welcome.

The community missions area of the church has really taken off and so many of you have been apart of it – thanks!  I will keep you updated.



God is doing some amazing things this summer!  The Kidventure team has been hard at work in the neighborhoods.  This Tuesday we went to the zoo and took 52 people (that includes the adults).  It was complete chaos, but the kids had fun.  It was two dollar Tuesday, so the zoo was packed!

We had bright orange t-shirts with Kidventure Summer and the name of the church on the front.  I wanted to make sure we could see them all.  I got so many comments and questions about who we were.  It was kinda cool.  I got to share some of the things the team is doing with the kids.

By far, the center street area has the biggest group and it is growing each week.  Hopefully, we will have a large number of them come to VBF this next week.

If you are free and could drive a mini van or one of the church vehicles we need you to help us get them all to VBF.  Comment below and I will get in touch with you.


What a great time we had with the Laundry of Love project for our SOS day this month! There were just a few of us, but we had a blast. We went to Allen Coin Laundry on Saturday and between 1-3 we paid for everyone’s laundry. The surprise and appreciation of those who at the Laundromat was priceless.

Ruben was able to share with a couple who had just lost their jobs. Sonnie was able to share her testimony and the gospel with lady who has been kinda beat up by life. I got to share a little with a couple of college students who were dealing with relationship problems. Richard got to talk with a lady who lives next to the church. One family that was there has participated in some of the Kidventure events. Many more people were there and many more conversations. We all left excited for the next time we get to do this.


Serving on Saturday (SOS) gears up for another day on June 13th.  We are going to do a few different projects on that day.  We will have three shifts according to each project.

The first project is yardwork and help around the house.   We are working together with Love, inc.   People are calling and asking for this help and we will try to be at as many different places as possible.  This will be our first priority for the day.  Our goal is to have 12 people on this project.  The two shifts for this project is 9am-12pm and then after we have lunch we will start again 1pm-4pm.  You can do one shift or stay for both.

Second project is Laundry of Love.  We will have a team of 4 people at the laundrymat by Safeway on Allen and Murray.  There will be only one shift for this project, 9am-noon.  We will prepare for the event between 9-10 and it will begin at 10am.  The project works like this:  We collect as many quarters as we can, we bring a bunch of laundry detergent, and ready to build some good relationships.  Previous to this event, fliers will be handed out in the neighborhood.   We are still working on the fliers and the collection.  If you are willing to help out with this part as well, you will be welcome.

The final job will be a free car wash – absolutely free.  We would like to have 8 people for this project.  The car wash will be 11am-3pm.  We will work on posters and prepare for the washing time.  We will eat together and then we will start washing cars at 1pm. 

We are going to brown bag it for lunch, so bring your lunch and I will have the drinks available.  If the weather is bad we will go to plan B.  I don’t know what that is just yet, but I will if it is supposed to rain.

If you have yard tools, lawn mowers, rags and car sponges, buckets, etc…  please bring them to work with the projects.  Thanks guys,  looking forward to serving the neighborhood with you.



Our Season of Service Days are turning into Good Neighbor Days.  We want to be great neighbors to our community.  The team met this past Sunday and planned the activities and the dates to begin our summer.  May 11 is our first service day and we will be cleaning up yards of anyone in the community that would like our help.  We will need rakes and everyone will need gloves.  If you have a rake and extra gloves please bring them.  We have some extra gloves and plenty of trash bags.  We will start around 10:00 am and break off into teams.  We will break for lunch at 12:00 pm and start back up at 1:00 pm.  Please, bring your own lunch.  We will have water and lemonade for everyone.  We will work until about 4:00 pm.  If you need to leave early – no problem.  Come and join us for as long as you want.  We want to be a blessing to our neighborhood!

Future date:  June 13, 10 am to 4 pm  – we will help airate yards, plus any odd job work anyone may need.

If you have any questions, give Marv Smith a call, or leave a comment and we will get back to you soon.


The season of service will begin in March this year.  Last year we did a service day for each month for our comunity.  This year will be very similar.  Some of us were able to share what we believed with others in our area and some were able to pray with those we were able to help.    If you are interested in helping out or even with helping with the planning comment below and we will get you involved.  Our first planning meeting will be Sunday, Feb 22 after church.  Mike Garrido,  Marv Smith, Randy and Becky Carlton are our team at the moment.  The schedule will be out soon.  Look for updates on this blog.


Hey guys,

David Burns and I met this past week to discuss starting the van ministry back up.  Those of you who have been involved before will probably be getting a call soon to ask if you are interested in serving in some kind of capacity.   Thanks for considering being apart of this important ministry.

We are going to be doing some visiting with the families who will be riding the bus.  We will be doing this in teams of two at Center Street.  We will get this area under a consistent system and then if God calls us to other neighborhoods we will move from there.

We will have a new record system with the children who come without their parents.  Of course, we will need to redo the permission slips.  When those permission slips are filled in the child can then be a bus rider.  Those slips will then need to be handed to Melanie, LeighAnn or Kathy, I think.  We will find out soon exactly who needs the slips. 

We still need drivers, co-pilots, and visiting persons.  If you are willing to do any of these things, please leave a comment.  More details will be on the Bus Ministry Page.  We will blog the schedule each quarter so you can access it if you lose your copy.

Thanks guys – Blessings