Community Ministries @ FBCBeaverton
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Essentials and Food Pantries

Each Friday we open up our Essentials Pantry.  Working in conjunction with Love, Inc we are serving over 40 families every three months.  After families or individuals go through Love, Inc they come to the essentials pantry to get cleaning supplies and products for personal care.  Each week, thanks to generous donations, we shop to fill up the pantry.  Out of all the gap ministries of Love, Inc.  the essentials pantry is one of the most popular.  It is located in the hall of Kelly’s office.  On Sundays, if you want to contribute some things, there is a list on the welcome center with some of the needs of the pantry.

Several times during the year we will do a pantry drive in front of Thriftways.  Thriftways are so gracious to let us do the donation drives in the front of their stores.  If you are interested in these drives, let me know and we will put you on the list. 

The Food Pantry serves mainly the immediate neighborhood and those from our church family.  A family may visit the Food Pantry once a month.  It is located in the L Wing in the closet between the youth rooms.  Once the construction begins, it will move to downstairs.

We have a few volunteers, the Woodmans and Richard H, to shop for the pantries.  Bill Herd volunteers on Fridays to work with the people coming in for the essentials pantry.   If you are interested in volunteering in this ministry, leave a comment on this post.


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