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Bus Ministry to Revive on March 1st

Hey guys,

David Burns and I met this past week to discuss starting the van ministry back up.  Those of you who have been involved before will probably be getting a call soon to ask if you are interested in serving in some kind of capacity.   Thanks for considering being apart of this important ministry.

We are going to be doing some visiting with the families who will be riding the bus.  We will be doing this in teams of two at Center Street.  We will get this area under a consistent system and then if God calls us to other neighborhoods we will move from there.

We will have a new record system with the children who come without their parents.  Of course, we will need to redo the permission slips.  When those permission slips are filled in the child can then be a bus rider.  Those slips will then need to be handed to Melanie, LeighAnn or Kathy, I think.  We will find out soon exactly who needs the slips. 

We still need drivers, co-pilots, and visiting persons.  If you are willing to do any of these things, please leave a comment.  More details will be on the Bus Ministry Page.  We will blog the schedule each quarter so you can access it if you lose your copy.

Thanks guys – Blessings


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