Community Ministries @ FBCBeaverton
Adding a little flavor and shining a little brigtness to the community


Serving on Saturday (SOS) gears up for another day on June 13th.  We are going to do a few different projects on that day.  We will have three shifts according to each project.

The first project is yardwork and help around the house.   We are working together with Love, inc.   People are calling and asking for this help and we will try to be at as many different places as possible.  This will be our first priority for the day.  Our goal is to have 12 people on this project.  The two shifts for this project is 9am-12pm and then after we have lunch we will start again 1pm-4pm.  You can do one shift or stay for both.

Second project is Laundry of Love.  We will have a team of 4 people at the laundrymat by Safeway on Allen and Murray.  There will be only one shift for this project, 9am-noon.  We will prepare for the event between 9-10 and it will begin at 10am.  The project works like this:  We collect as many quarters as we can, we bring a bunch of laundry detergent, and ready to build some good relationships.  Previous to this event, fliers will be handed out in the neighborhood.   We are still working on the fliers and the collection.  If you are willing to help out with this part as well, you will be welcome.

The final job will be a free car wash – absolutely free.  We would like to have 8 people for this project.  The car wash will be 11am-3pm.  We will work on posters and prepare for the washing time.  We will eat together and then we will start washing cars at 1pm. 

We are going to brown bag it for lunch, so bring your lunch and I will have the drinks available.  If the weather is bad we will go to plan B.  I don’t know what that is just yet, but I will if it is supposed to rain.

If you have yard tools, lawn mowers, rags and car sponges, buckets, etc…  please bring them to work with the projects.  Thanks guys,  looking forward to serving the neighborhood with you.



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