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Kidventure Summer kids storm the zoo

God is doing some amazing things this summer!  The Kidventure team has been hard at work in the neighborhoods.  This Tuesday we went to the zoo and took 52 people (that includes the adults).  It was complete chaos, but the kids had fun.  It was two dollar Tuesday, so the zoo was packed!

We had bright orange t-shirts with Kidventure Summer and the name of the church on the front.  I wanted to make sure we could see them all.  I got so many comments and questions about who we were.  It was kinda cool.  I got to share some of the things the team is doing with the kids.

By far, the center street area has the biggest group and it is growing each week.  Hopefully, we will have a large number of them come to VBF this next week.

If you are free and could drive a mini van or one of the church vehicles we need you to help us get them all to VBF.  Comment below and I will get in touch with you.


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