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The Big Move

This summer with Kidventure we had a huge response from families in the Center Street area.  This is mostly a low income area.  Many of the families are struggling throughout the month.  Because of the huge response, we began thinking about how we were going to be able to continue working with them when the weather changes.  We had been taking them to the park, so we needed a plan.  So, I moved in to an apartment there and I am loving it.

We received 10 computers from FreeGeek.  They are awesome at that place.  We are working on getting a grant from Tech Soup for program – Office and Windows.  We will use these computers to help the adults in the area become more employable and the kids with their homework.

We have been tutoring kids Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school.  We also have just spent some time with the families and kids.  The apartment is becoming a type of community center, which was the hope.

We are starting ESL classes for the adults this next week.  The first one will be on Tuesdays at 5pm, but we are hoping to start three groups with the other two being during the afternoon instead of the evening.

We will continue doing Kids’ Clubs, but they will be divided up into three age groups because of limited space.  I got some great volunteers lined up, but if you are interested in helping in this area, you are very welcome.

The community missions area of the church has really taken off and so many of you have been apart of it – thanks!  I will keep you updated.



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