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Photos for the Families

I wanted to let you know one of the most fun surprises we did for the families in the community.  Many of them had never been able to have a family portrait done.  One of our former students who is working on building her portfolio and starting a photography business, Kailina Don, took portraits of the families for free this last October.  We rented the lights and background and cleared out my bedroom and set it all up.  My bedroom became a make shift photo studio.  It was awesome.

We had over 10 families take us up on it, we would have had more but they just couldn’t believe we were not going to charge them for the portraits.  I got them developed for a great price at Costco and got some frames and delivered them.  I wish you could have seen their faces when they got the portraits.  It was wonderful and they loved them!

After many of the others realized we were not tricking anyone into buying a bunch of photos, we gained a lot of trust.  Thank you Kailina, David, Ashley and Lindsey for all the work you did on this project.  Thanks for caring enough to bring smiles to the community.


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