Community Ministries @ FBCBeaverton
Adding a little flavor and shining a little brigtness to the community

About Community Missions

The Salt and Light Ministry Team serves with compassion ministries and community outreach.  Thank you to the many of you who have volunteered to be on this team.  Some of the programs and activities include the Pantries, Warming Shelter, Holiday Help, English Second Language, Bus Ministry, special classes for the community dealing with finances and computers.  Nobody will be turned away from any of these activities because of any personal belief.  The programs in the area of community missions are to make an impact on the community in the name of Christ, but no one will be forced to believe or to sit and listen to a gospel presentation to participate in the special classes with the computers and finances and many of the programs included in community missions.

We do have some Bible studies at the apartment and kids’ club teaching the area about Christ off campus.  Participation is voluntary and everyone is welcome.  If you have some ideas to reach out to the community I would love to know about them.  We are always looking for fresh ideas.

Serving with you,



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