Community Ministries @ FBCBeaverton
Adding a little flavor and shining a little brigtness to the community

Bus Ministry

The bus ministry is not only taking the bus around to different areas of our community to pick up people for church, but it is also visiting families of those coming to church to connect with them on a regular basis.  This is not just for children, but also their families.  Each week a team will go visiting throughout the area we pick up families for church inquiring if they are riding the next Sunday and asking how we can pray for them.  The teams will begin to learn needs in the area and find ways we can minister further in the community.

We hope to run the bus and van with two routes on Sunday morning and one on Wednesday nights.  We are looking for more drivers and co-pilots for each route.  If you are interested call David Burns, 503-704-0264.   There is a small test to take to get certified.  The test is online and there is a cd to watch before the test.

We will hope to begin this ministry the Sunday after Spring Break.  The college students are going to do a local mission trip around our community to kick it off.  You can also help with the kick off if you are interested.


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