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Santa and Caroling on the horseshoe

December 18, 2009

I am pretty excited about this Saturday – Dec 19.  We are meeting at the church at 5pm and having pizza, going over a few songs and then hopefully we will have two teams of carolers.  One team will go around to different places of friends and one team will come over to the horseshoe […]

The Big Move

October 7, 2009

This summer with Kidventure we had a huge response from families in the Center Street area.  This is mostly a low income area.  Many of the families are struggling throughout the month.  Because of the huge response, we began thinking about how we were going to be able to continue working with them when the […]

Kidventure Summer kids storm the zoo

July 17, 2009

God is doing some amazing things this summer!  The Kidventure team has been hard at work in the neighborhoods.  This Tuesday we went to the zoo and took 52 people (that includes the adults).  It was complete chaos, but the kids had fun.  It was two dollar Tuesday, so the zoo was packed! We had […]

Severe Weather Shelter for Homeless in Beaverton

February 2, 2009

The SWS (Severe Weather Shelter) has opened up three different times since we started this ministry.  We work in conjunction with Washington County’s emergency shelter program.  At this time, we are the only SWS in Beaverton, but since we have opened our doors on the crazy cold days we have had assistance with several different […]