Community Ministries @ FBCBeaverton
Adding a little flavor and shining a little brigtness to the community

Conversational English

Did you know there are about 92 different languages spoken in the Beaverton school district?  Many of these families do not know how to speak English.  Beaverton is the most diverse city between San Francisco and Seattle on the west coast.  Amazing, huh?!

We realize the great need for conversation and ESL classes in our area.  As we minister to our community, one part of that is going to be English classes.  We have had a steady class for quite awhile, but we are ramping up. 

Hopefully, some of these classes will be in the houses of the people we will be working with.  If some of you would like to help, but do not take the training and would rather be a support person, let us know and we will pair you up with a teacher.

We hope to start these classes March 1.  We have already had someone come and ask to be apart of a class.  Beaverton Literacy has already put our group on their s

The goal of this ministry is to help people in our community be able to speak English and that will make them more employable.  Eventually, we would like to give citizenship classes.

Erin Smith is the contact person.


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