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Season of Service/Good Neighbor Days

Season of Service/Good Neighbor Days are connected with the Luis Palou ministries.  Last year this program was created to have Christians and friends of theirs to work together and then hopefully they would go to the celebration with them to hear about Christ.  This year there is not a celebration, but we still want to serve our community.  This has been a wonderful experience for us and severa were able to share about the hope they have in Christ.  This year we have a team, Mike Garrido, Marv Smith, Becky and Randy Carlton, to help plan.  If you have any input for the team leave a comment below.  We will meet this Sunday, Feb 22 after church and then a schedule of the summer will be online.  If you would like to be on the team give Kelly a call at 503-312-9305.


November 7/09:  Raking leaves in the neighborhood.  Will need all the rakes we can find.  9-12:30

December 19/09:  Christmas Carolling and surprizes.  Will come back to the church for hot chocolate.  5:30-8:30

Feburary 13/10:  Love your neighbor as yourself.

more dates to come……


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