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Severe Weather Shelter

The SWS (Severe Weather Shelter) has opened up three different times since we started this ministry.  We work in conjunction with Washington County’s emergency shelter program.  At this time, we are the only SWS in Beaverton, but since we have opened our doors on the crazy cold days we have had assistance with several different churches in the Beaverton area.  Murrayhill Christian, United Church of Christ, Bethlehem Congregational, Bethlehem Luthern, St Pious VI and others as well.  Many of our own church have helped with food, volunteering, administration, clothing and blankets.  It has been amazing to watch the body of Christ work in such a beautiful way.  Thank you to all of you!

The SWS opens if the weather is 32 or below for two or more consecutive days or above 90 for two or more consecutive days.  Right now, we are just shooting from the hip a little.  Some things that are working well and some things we would like to do better.  If you have helped with the shelter in any way, leave a comment and let us know what your thoughts are.

We are putting together a response team that will be in place when we activate the shelter. 

Shelter Coordinators:  Greg Malinowski and Kelly  Nelson – These two act as contact  for all shelter activities and communicate to the county and pastor and oversees the program.

Shelter Host – persons who will oversee the shelter operations and act as hosts on day or night shifts, greets guests at the door and provide a facilities tour of the area we are using (downstairs).  We need two persons on duty at all times while the shelter is open.  During the night, we would like for you to switch off times which of you is awake.  Hosts will work with logistics coordinator to set up shelter amentities;  e.g. cots, blankets, shower stuff, etc.  Hosts will work under the direction of Shelter Coordinators.

Meal Coordinator – Persons who will arrange for meals for shelter guests.  This person inventories the food we have and shops for added things if needed.  The meal coordinator will work under the direction of the shelter coordinator.

Logisitics Coordinator – Person who will provide services in support of the shelter operations.  Mainly, it will be enlisting the volunteers for the time the shelter is activated.  Plus, may need to do shopping for shelter necessities, ask for donations, etc..  possibly put together transportation of some sort – but not likely.

Cleaning Coordinator – Person(s) (right now this person is Warna L) who will come in the morning after the shelter has closed and clean up the downstairs.  The hosts will straighten up things, but since they have been there all night we are asking for special people to come in and take care of dishes, cots and blankets.  Cots will need to be stored in Kelly’s closet.  Used blankets and towells will need to be washed at the end of the shelter activiation and unused ones stored.  Unused food will need to be put in pantry and dishes done.

These are the volunteer staffing positions the manual suggests, plus one.  So many of you have volunteered and unofficially done one or more of these.  If you are interested in serving in one of these positions, comment and we will get in touch with you.  Thanks for considering!


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  1. Thank you for providing this life saving ministry!

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